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Our finest sheepskin rugs, a stunning addition to your home for style and comfort. Bring pieces of furniture and seating to life and add the finishing luxury touch to your home. Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece for a living room or to utilize as rug bedside, chair or seat cover throughout your home. Whatever the use, our sheepskin will be luxuriously soft and comfortable to use. All neutral colors with different fur types available.

About Our Sheepskin Rugs

Our Sheepskin rugs are from locations worldwide such as Australia, Tibet, Mongolia, Iceland and New Zealand, each with it’s own unique feel and look. Ranging from thick and dense fiber types to shorter and curlier wool fibers. All rugs crafted from 100% natural and genuine sheepskin and come with inherent benefits; being resistant to stains, trapping dust and other air particles for clean air, resistant to fire to name a few. They come with many neutral colors from black, ivory, chocolate, steel & more. With every size from 3 foot to 8.5 foot in length.

Decoration Ideas

Size is an important factor to consider, depending on the room you intend to use them. The single pelt size is the most versatile, being able to be draped over the back of chairs, as a seat pad or to add warmth to the room as a rug in front of medium sized furniture. The double pelt size can work well in most homes as a hallway runner to provide it some style. And quad pelts and up are perfect as centerpieces either on it’s own or with table and chairs on top. Creating great impact as the focal point of your rooms look.

While the larger rug may define the color scheme of your rooms, choosing a smaller to medium sized rug you can more easily match it to the existing furniture or to match only with the color of your smaller accessories such as cushions, candles, lamps, vases etc. Otherwise, if you already have the rest of your room designed you can use a sheepskin to accentuate and stand out from your existing furniture and accessories.