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Wall Hanging Plates Round Natural Seagrass - OGOutlavish Wall Hanging Plates Round Natural Seagrass - OGOutlavish

      Multi use as a kitchen tray or plate for fruit, trivets, put them anywhere you want to inject some style.

      DURABLE SEAGRASS, woven with plastic cords to keep shape, easy to hang, a nail or strip/hook will do.


      LONG PRONGS - 1/2 inch long with a slight kink, to get deeper into the fur, untangle and restore fluffiness.

      BAMBOO MATERIAL - Strong, renewable, and kind to the environment. ERGONOMIC

      HANDLE - Gentle bevel to make the tough work of brushing more bearable, with more control. Sheepskin Brush from Outlavish, longer prongs, sturdy and strong bamboo. Ergonomic handle and kinder on the environment. Brush your sheepskin regularly to avoid getting it too tangled and removing too much fur when you finally come to brush it. This will prolong it\'s life and make it like new!

      Sheepskin Bean Bags Sheepskin Bean Bags

      Sensuous, Cozy, Relaxing.

      Lay back in your room or living room on this sumptuously soft and comfortable sheepskin bean bag. With fur to ease any daily stresses and let you unwind in style.

      A look fitting of any interior with clean and neutral colors and fur that is softer than any synthetic or faux alternative.

      The bean bag comes fully stuffed with a leather backing and ready to use.

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